Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sugar: Baseball needs no translation

Last night just saw Sugar a movie about baseball, a sport for which I have no interest whatsoever... Well, there’s more to it than baseball because as in all sports it teaches you the lesson of life. In this case, the movie highlights the life of people I wasn’t aware of; young men facing high employment and economic misery dying to get out of their Island to find happiness and support their family back home. At least this is how It’s portrayed in the film.
Written and directed by Half Nelson creators Anna Boden and Ryan Flec, the film isn’t about action shots home runs and pace throwing, It explores the culture choc and the numerous difficulties these young Dominican face when coming to north America. Pleasure and joy are are highlighted in a subtle way throughout their pilgrimage, from the youth academies to the minor leagues.

Definitely, one of the best impressions showcased in the film is how nasty and cruel culture choc can be, Foreigners living in Paris will definitely know what I’m talking about. But in this context, the film blesses friendship in a sincere and emotional way.

All in all, this a very honest film and shows us that there are several roads to happiness and a fulfilled life can be found anywhere.

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