Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Japandroids – Point Ephémère - Paris - 15.02.10

Yesterday, Japandroids came to visit Paris for the first time and this was the kick off to the 2010 concert season. The gig started off with Semen Sundays, they didn’t do it for me really, the lead singer was pretending to have Tourette’s, his stagecraft was over exaggerated, you could tell he didn’t believe in what his was doing (rolling around the floor, miming playing the guitar with his mic...) and neither did the audience. They just sounded like a very ordinary Punk band, They played 20 songs in 20 mins, the good news is that there long track list went by rather quick.

Now, let’s move to Japandroids, As soon as Brian King (guitarist) hits the chords of his guitar I knew I was into something powerful tonight, It was loud and fuzzy, the sound powered through your body like a roaring Jet. Brian King pulled off an energetic performance bouncing from corner to corner and off the drum set, but all that blended in perfectly with the sound. Young hearts spark fire, wet hair, crazy forever, sovereignty were my best tracks that left hanging in the middle of the air, in this moment of teleportation you could sense that these tracks are perfectly executed rock songs with raw melodies.

For the ones who may have missed this, they’re coming back in May here. Until then, I’ll never forget last night

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