Thursday, 18 February 2010

Le Babylone - The meticulous Falafel

Just came back from "Le Babylone", It's a falafel restaurant located near Bastille in Paris. I hate it there, especially the crowd at night time It's full of posh arrogant business school students
pretending to themselves that there having a wild night out... They're just an embarrassment...
Little did I know that the best Falafel of Paris is located in that district? I was accompanied by some pals who highly recommended the place. As we were approaching the location they built the hype up, coming close to the target my heart beat was accelerating. Finally, we enter the restaurant, I was really excited, but far from knowing what was going to happen next.
Even before eating there was some good news: beer was cheap "un demi" was 2.20 euros which is amazing for Paris. The menu indicates just 3 options for your falafel; I went for the mix (meat+falafel balls). While ordering I was already staring at the guy preparing them, It's all home made, they're prepared one by one in little scoops the falafels, and the meat rack was composed of different layers of meat going from crispy to soft and tender. Several salads we neatly organised on a cooking service. We were dealing with highly trained professionals here. After a 20 min wait, the beast arrives with a fork popped on the top to help you get cracking on it. First mouthful that combined the crispy meat layered on top with a mayo houmoussy sauce was out of this world. I started to yell, I couldn't control my self! Next I manage to get my mouth on falafel ball, the freshest I've ever tested, and as you go further down the sandwich all the ingredients softens so does the meet creating a truly multi sensory experience. I forgot to tell you the roasted aborigines were magic, no horrible bitter taste. After finishing the sandwich, I just couldn't believe what happened, I stood up to understand how these things were prepared. Walked up to the counter to see how the magic was operated: The meat is cut from the rack and divided into 3 categories: crispy, tender, soft, they’re delicately cut up. The sauces, the salads and the falefels are neatly layered inside the bread, on each layer the prepartor incorporates the different meats, he twits the sandwich and makes little adjustments with the sauces and salads to serve you something just perfect.
I hope you're hungry now, because I ate two!

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