Saturday, 20 February 2010

Revanche from Götz Spielmann

Just was “Revanche” this afternoon a dramatic German movie from Götz Spielmann.
The film is about Ex-con Alex dreams about starting a new life with the Ukrainian prostitute Tamara. To do so, he wants to rob a bank erasing debts and making the flight towards the South possible. But Tamara is unintentionally shot on the escape by the coincidentally present policeman, Robert. Alex flees to the farm of his grandfather and learns that Robert lives close by...thoughts of revenge start to arise.

The film is split into 2 parts, It denounces the prostitution industry in Vienna and exposes the difficulties of communicating between people. In the first part of the film Gôtz denounces with voyeurism the vicious, nasty and inhuman side of prostitution. He reveals the difficult existence of Eastern European sex workers.

I really liked the second part of the film: Alex withdraws himself from the commercial city world to land in the countryside, which is an interesting urban/rural contrast. Through out the film, Götz makes a powerful use of silence, It helps to build up the intensity of the situations thus playing with the audience’s feelings.

Apart from that the aesthetic of the film is fabulous, Like “White Ribbon” every scene turns out to be an incredible photo with the perfect light and expressions.

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