Sunday, 21 February 2010

Beach House - Paris - 20.02.10

Expectations were quite high yesterday for the Beach House Live show, I've spending the last month commuting with them.

The gig started. They announced that It was the first date of their 2010 tour, they were right because you could kind of tell. After a few tracks, It was very much like listening to the album. It was time for "Norway", they proposed something different to the track, but the gig soon dropped back into the album routine. On some tracks like "Take care", something slightly special happened more when both male members of the band stepped in with their backing vocals.

Victoria Legrand was the main highlight of the evening, her voice was really captivating, It propels you into a dreamy sensuous world, she was also dressed in a Williamsburg style, accompanied by a nice combination of jewellery.

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