Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dreamcast nostalgia

This week, I’ve recently felt some deep nostalgia about the Dreamcast, this iconic game console was launched just 10 years ago and until now you can walk in any video game specialist and you’ll get the some reactions from any video game enthusiast. Just say the word “Dreamcast” and you’ll see that the whole shop will go silent, look into peoples eyes and you’ll feel sorrow, amazement and admiration from Sega’s last piece of hardware… The Dreamcast has deeply touched the heart and soul of any true gamer. This is done to several things: A state of the art machine so easy for programmers to handle, an innovative games library that have left a trace until now, a great gaming bad, numerous add ons and and Internet access. Even though we’ve seen the wii pop up, played legendary games like Res Evil 4, Meteroid Prime, nothing matches up to the experience at the time.
As all people who are interested video games know, It’s not about the machine It’s the games that make it a success. The videos may seem a bit dusty now, but 10 years back nothing could compare:
Shenmue was way in advance of its time, the game had, It followed the flow of a real, day, it integrated weather day , conditions, the music composed stood up to a Hollywood film and introduced a whole new set of gameplay.
Jet set radio still looks amazing to this day, It used cell shading graphics. The game's sound effects and music blend it perfectly producing an exhilarating gaming experience. The effects, while mostly consisting of grinding noises and the whoosh of spray-paint cans doing their thing, are well done, and the music is an amazing collection of Japanese hip-hop beats that fit the action perfectly.
Resident Evil – Code Veronica was my first introduction to the series and one that I’ll never forget, the scenario, the jumps the scares, the adventure, the twists are the best seen until now
Skies of Arcadia establishing itself as a classic role playing game until now
MSR – Racing, the developers redesigned completely neighbourhoods of San Francisco, London and Tokyo making it the perfect playground to race all the powerfull cars at the time
Phantasy Star Online, The first Online adventure game ever released on a game console, IT had simple moving forward combat system with an incredibly rich graphic universe using collaboration between the users for the first time
To finish off, the Dreamcast released all the incredible Sports 2K series like NBA 2K which are regarded as one of the greatest sports simulations to date... EA just made me sick at that time.

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