Monday, 22 February 2010

Crazy Heart - Jeff Bridges

I managed to get my hands on “Crazy Heart” before It’s released here in Paris. After all the noise the movie made at the Golden Globes awards, I knew I was going to be in for something special a lot of credit goes to Jeff Bridges.

The film tells the story of Bad Blake, loved and admired by an ageing audience, he hasn’t composed a song for a long time. His career and music writing is on a standstill, he feels far more affection for his bottle of whisky and pack of cigarettes until one day he meets an expected woman...

Throughout the film, we witness the decay of Bad Blake, smoking cigarettes back to back with less style than Don Draper but the same self destruction as Mickey Rourke in the “Wrestler”. Jeff Bridges also manages so well to expresses the torment, distress and torture of Bad Blake’s wretched life. His physical pain is also apparent through his torn and creased clothes, deep breathing and alcohol purge. On the more pleasant side the film has a good soundtrack, reminding me that I should listen to bit more country music...

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