Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Food Haven: The Saint Germain en Laye Market

Probably one of the best things about living in Paris is that it’s a food focused city which sometimes makes you feel better about living here when you’ve just been insulted inside a shop by some store employees while doing your shopping or receiving some nasty mockery by some strangers you’ve just crossed in the street.

This morning, I would like to take you Saint Germain en Laye my home town where none of this happens. I would picture this city as the ideal French town everyone would dream about in his/her dreams. Even after living 3 years here now, I’m still so amazed about how pleasant and polite people are… and even more so during the Sunday market.

The Saint Germain en Laye market is considered to be one of the best markets in the region. The market is spread out over “LA place du marché neuf” offering a marvelous show of all locally produced French products. What I love about the market is that you’re buying the best from the best, each salesman can tell you 30 min stories about where the products come from from the fishmonger to butcher to the greengrocers to the cheese store. For a food enthusiast like me, It’s a real thrill to encounter every week these people that are so passionate and proud of their products. Bellow you’ll be able to see a quick snapshot of heaven:

Wake of down on the market

Market alley
Nice bit of organic veg

And Fruit

Best poultry I’ve ever tasted

Wonderful paté Forestiére and many more

Trustworthy Butcher that specializes in offal, my favorite!

Amazing selection of regional French cheeses and countryside cream & butter

Last but certainly not least, an amazing selection of fresh fish and seafood

Gotta to go know, because I’m super hungry

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  1. I have lived here sinc 2007 and have still yet to visit this market!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!